Pinnacle Mountain Homes & Homes for Hope

Pinnacle Mountain Homes is partnering with Homes for Hope to build a house where the net proceeds go to HOPE International to empower entrepreneurs around the world to break the cycle of poverty and sustainably provide for their own families.








About Hope:

HOPE International, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based network of microfinance institutions, established its first program in 1997. Since that time, HOPE has grown remarkably, now serving hundreds of thousands of individuals in 17 countries around the world, in large part due to the generosity and on-going support of the building industry.


Instead of viewing those who live in poverty as men and women in need of help, microfinance practitioners view these individuals as highly capable and able to use their own ingenuity to climb out of poverty if only given the chance. The entrepreneurs offer creative business ideas that are appropriate to the contexts where they live and work. With the basic business training, savings services, and small loans that microfinance institutions provide, the entrepreneurs can start or expand a small business, sometimes by stocking a store or other times by purchasing raw materials or equipment to enable production.